Happy Upcoming Thanksgiving!!! Here are my top 10 tips for maintaining your waistline during Thanksgiving.

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I get it! During the holidays we give ourselves a “free pass” Follow these simple rules to enjoy the holiday season without making January the month of extreme dieting and holiday lament.

  1. Dink water! Most of the time we feel like we need to snack or feel like we are hungry- Our bodies are simply signaling that we are dehydrated. During the Carb-fueled holidays, drink as much water as possible. Drink at least 8oz before each meal. This gives you the fulfillment you need to accurately consume the proper amount of foods during the traditional eat until your pants tighten tradition.
  2. Bullet proof your coffee– Add 1tbs of Extra Virgin Coconut oil and Grass fed butter to your morning coffee. I know, you are thinking the idea sounds crazy right?? This works! By adding Extra Virgin Organic Coconut oil and Grass Fed butter to your morning cup-a-joe you can super boost your metabolism. Bullet proof coffee gives you the good healthy fat calories you need to start the day, energize and sustain you so you can focus on the holiday madness in a clear and energetic mind set. I know it sounds crazy and bizarre, but think about it… How crazy is that “gingerbread spice cream” or other uber processed addener you traditionally add to you your morning routine? Think about it, what sounds weirder: adding 2 real food metabolism and energy boosting good fats to your morning routine? Or starting your day with a added shot of who the hell knows what’s all that stuff in the “holiday” version of GMO’s latest.
  3. Eat portions for you– One size fits all does not at all apply to food portions. When you are filling you Turkey day plate think about this: 2/3 should be veggie based. 1/3 meat. The carb laden dish that is a relative’s famous recipe should be treated as a “treat” not a food group. Keep your portions in check.
  4. Portion control– My super simple fist trick works here. The majority of your Thanksgiving feast should be veggies. I’d suggest look at your fist. It’s the right portion size for your body. Pick 2 veggies that fit your fist size and add them to your plate. No need to mound your plate up like Uncle Eddie in front of the line. Make meat or your protein alternative the remaining 1/3rd of your plate. Want to try a bit of everything? That works too! Choose smaller portions of your meat and veggie options to add variety to your plan. Just remember treat high starch/ high sugar options the same as you would as desert. I’s a treat, not part of your meal!
  5. Pre-game– This term usually refers to drinking before an expensive night on the town or a big event. I suggest you eat REAL FOOD pre-game. What I mean by this is eat some healthy snacks before you head out to curb your bad food cravings when you are faced with temptation at a food shmorgishborg.Sarahs Skinny Sweets
  6. Avoid sugar filled drinks while you celebrate- Holiday themed drinks are the worst as far as glycemic index goes. Having a holiday cheers with eggnog, bailey’s, khaluah, or any other sweet mixer is only going to add to the insulin overload your body is facing. Treat these holiday specials in the same manner you would dessert, or super carb laden sides. It’s a treat. Cut back in other areas of your meal if you are planning to imbibe in them. It’s important to think of your drinks and meal as one whole meal. Keep it simple.
  7. Clothing– One of my favorite “stay in shape” tips I use all comes from Pamela Anderson. I know I’m not 100% on her quote, but here’s what I’ve got- “put on a bathing suit it never lies.” It does not matter how much you weigh, it’s about how you feel engaging with family and friends over the holidays. Don’t pull out the “fat” clothes to hide the bulge. Keep yourself in check. You don’t have to go out and about in a bikini to do this. Simply check yourself. Don’t wear billowing outfits during the holidays to mask overindulgence. Even if it’s summer wear, try your clothes on at home and check yourself. Honestly why wait till January to get in shape if you can look good and feel good now??!!
  8. Make the food options as healthy as possible for yourself and the family– If you are the one that “always” brings the best stuffing…. Update it. Swap out the high glycemic ingredients for whole food alternatives. If your Aunt Jane makes the world’s best…. Talk to her before, see if she can swap traditional unhealthy ingredients for metabolism boosting ones. Win win for the fam!
  9. Discover– Pinterest, and google for that matter provide a wealth of knowledge to re-vamp old recipes and make them healthy and even tastier! Take your dish; and add paleo to the search bar and get real food alternatives.
  10. Share what you have learned!!!! The holidays are the best time to connect with families and loved ones we miss during our day to day grind. Everyone has mountains to climb and battles they are facing daily. Take the time to talk about health, share what you know to improve the lives of those you love. Be a light.