by Sarah Collette

CEO Sarah’s Skinny Sweets

This Thanksgiving focus on gratitude to enhance your relationships and deepen your connections

Thanksgiving, Christmas the whole holiday season can be similar to planning a big wedding. So much time spent on attention to details, getting everything perfect and coordinated, and in a flash it’s over.

Instead of filling the time spent together with the same conversational minutia as the years before, why not make it an opportunity to learn more about the truly important things that make us each who we are? Think about discovering stories or feelings kept in our families’ memory boxes of joy we bypass every year and skip to the same small talk and desert.

We need to engage the children in our families and teach them to focus on what’s important in life too.

When I was a kid I used to love the chance to quote Mel Brooks and National Lampoon’s Vacation films and got such a joyous high making the adults at the table laugh. Most kids today are too preoccupied with their myriad of devices to care about what the older people in their family think. To them Thanksgiving is the ritual of dinner with a bunch of family, the last pit stop before Christmas, the day they get latest and greatest devices to focus all of their attention on.

The modern Thanksgiving dinner table, does not seem to have as much “Thanks” and “Giving” as the title implies….Yes, we are all gathered in one room, but engaged in different worlds. How can you make a change this year? And give your loved ones the opportunity to open up and radiate their feelings of “thanks” and “giving?”

Simple, just like when the pilot has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign; turn all devices off, there is no airplane mode at Thanksgiving. Be present enjoy the food and company. Be conscious about what you are eating. And share gratitude with those around you.

I read a TED Idea about 10 questions to ask your family to engage in a deeper Thanksgiving conversation. It’s important to engage and ask the questions that provoke thought and uplift us.

Take a moment and start a meaningful conversation of love and thanks by simply asking everyone to share a moment that filled them with gratitude.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you all! XO-Sarah