After watching the South Park 2014 Holiday episode; I was amazed by how much my holiday sentiments echoed theirs. It really made me grateful for all the times we’ve congregated in front of the TV, and made me think about how special those moments truly are.

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It’s the holiday season, but the good times are ending.

Because what matters most isn’t what’s good, it’s what’s trending.

This younger generation, with their eyes and ears glued:

What’s trending to them is trenders who trend on YouTube.

Comments on commentators, it’s all changing so fast.

Playing XBox with your brother is… just a thing of the past.

Now with Ma on her iPad, and Dad trending or trying,

All the family is scattered, and the living room’s dying.

Because it wasn’t the outdoors or church or even trips to go ski,

What brought families together most was a good old TV

Now we watch things by ourselves and just tweet what we saw.

And if you try to complain, you get called a-


Kyle: I’m NOT a GRANDPA!

But now let me tweet this for you all to comment upon.

The more connected we get, the more alone we become.

If you want change like I do, and feel the same gloom,

Then please follow THIS trend, #savethelivingroom

Kyle: Whattaya think?

I think this is perfect! What’s crazy is thinking about being a kid and getting told TV will rot your brain, don’t sit too close or you’ll go blind exc. But, in reality some of the best bonding moments I remember have been with the family gathered around the TV, experiencing a special movie or moment.

Every year my family breaks out the Marty Moose glasses, pours the eggnog and we watch Christmas Vacation, I’m sure even the littler kids in the family know all of the lines by heart now. It’s a bonding experience that I treasure. No one is distracted by a hand held device, or on a PC in another room. The couches are crammed full of family, laughing and sharing holiday cheer.

My mom’s family used to have a special tradition every Friday night when they were growing up. All the kids would get pillows and blankets, get cozy on the floor and enjoy the weekly Wonderful World of Disney.


Sarah's wonderful world of disney gordon-parks-family-and-friends-gathering-in-living-room-to-watch-movies-both-rented-and-homemade_i-G-26-2698-8ZPUD00Z

All of my family has continued this tradition and all my life I have loved watching Disney movies and comedies with the ones I love. The holidays always included a feature film we all would gather to watch. I love seeing that my cousins with kids have passed this down to their little ones and seeing the kids take ownership and joy in the experience just like I did when I was little.

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One of my favorite memories of the family gathering in front of the TV was one year after Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunt Pam and Uncle Tony’s. We were at the end of “Far and Away” everyone is sniffling, teary or full on crying at the thought that Joseph is going to die just when he and Shannon reached their destination, found land, and Shannon confessed she’d loved him all along.

Aunt Lou- (very matter of fact) Now who’s going to build the house?

Grandpa Ted-(Yelled through tears) Jesus Lori!!! Have a heart!!!

We all laughed. And still joke about it when we congregate in front of the TV now. Home Alone, Beetlejuice, Ghostbusters, Anything Mel Brooks… My family has cultivated a special dialogue from films over the years that bonds us tightly.

I’m with Kyle #SaveTheLivingRoom