Original Chocolate Chip

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Our original and still most popular Cookie! Bag of 7 cookies. This super moist cookie full of petite chocolate chips is a classic taken to new Gluten free heights! Dip it in your milk of choice and indulge your inner child.


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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 1 × 5 × 7 in

6 reviews for Original Chocolate Chip

  1. Gary Red

    These are the best healthy dessert snack on the market. Im not a huge health nut when it comes to sweets but Id eat these even if my doctor said dont…but heyre super healthy! got get u some pronto and make your doctorn taste buds n body happy! SSS all day errday.

  2. Carol Wolfe

    A moist cookie with pleny of chocolate chips that give it that satisfying chocolate flavor. They make a great healthy snack that satisfies my sweet tooth.

  3. Shell Smith

    Wow! It tastes like a cake! It’s so moist!

  4. Cameron

    Sarahs cookies are so delicious, it’s hard to believe they are good for you! I am not usually a big sweets eater and would NEVER eat more than one cookie at one sitting but I have eaten 5 of these in one night!

  5. Michael

    These cookies really are good. I certainly do not qualify as a health-food person and generally do not care for typical health fare, which is why I’m surprised I like these so much. They satiate in a way that junk food does not; I eat less, feel better and fuller, and… it tastes good!

    Oh, and you have to freeze them. There is some magical chemistry occurring at the subzero temperatures that take these cookies to an entirely different level.

  6. Anne Meade

    Sarah’s cookies are just simply amazing and yummy! They are so flavorful and moist – but not oily or heavy. I brought a bag into the office and we are all fighting over them, LOL!

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