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Finding the Courage Within

Overcoming Fear, self-doubt, and Finding the Courage Within Up until last week if you were to ask me “what is the most challenging thing you have ever done?” Or “what was the scariest moment you experienced?” My answer would have been climbing Mt. Whitney a few years ago with my husband. It’s the highest peak […]

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Knowing your Why

by Sarah Collette CEO Sarah’s Skinny Sweets Out of all of the incredible Ted Talks I have seen; How Great Leaders inspire action by Simon Sinek has got to be the most compelling. In this 18 minute long video he explains the importance of not just knowing WHAT you do but the bigger importance […]

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Merry Christmas

After watching the South Park 2014 Holiday episode; I was amazed by how much my holiday sentiments echoed theirs. It really made me grateful for all the times we’ve congregated in front of the TV, and made me think about how special those moments truly are. Kyle: It’s the holiday season, but the good times […]

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