Happy 2016!

We’ve had a busy & exciting start to the new year! Thank you to all that came out and visited us @ this years CookieCon! The event was a incredible success and the support from our fellow bakers and fans was absolutely lovley! Always happy to partner with Sarah’s favorite Twins- The Harris Brothers for […]

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Quiz Week June 8 2015

Win Private Discount Codes and Free Prizes from Sarah’s Skinny Sweets!!! Answer these 10 trivia questions. It’s fast and fun! Score 80% or better and you’ll receive a private discount code for a whopping 25% discount (min. 3 bag order) That’s over $15 in savings & Free 2 day shipping!!! And you’ll also be entered […]

Sarah's Skinny Sweets

Coconut Oil: Superfood and Favorable Fat

By: Mike Nguyen: originally published at http://www.chewgoodstuff.com/coconut-oil-superfood-and-favorable-fat/ What exactly is coconut oil and why should you be eating more of this healthy superfood? Coconut oil is simply the oil derived from the meat of coconuts, used traditionally in cultures in the tropics. It has been gaining favorable use over the years as more and more […]

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