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sarahs skinny sweets products on tableOur cookies are, simply put, the moistest Gluten Free cookie available! By harnessing the power of the coconut we are able to provide a Gluten Free treat like never before. Each cookie is as full of flavor as it is healthy ingredients. This sweet combination results in a guilt free delight with a unmatched velvety texture. Our cookies are never brittle, nor will they fall apart like a sand castle after the first bite.

We take that rich creamy texture and accent it harmoniously with sweet chocolate morsels, fresh nuts and tangy fruit in order to provide you with three delicious options guaranteed to satisfy!

Why Choose Sarah’s Skinny Sweets?

sarah-colletteSarah began working in the health food industry when she was 16 years old. After spending a lifetime learning about healthy food choices and meticulously reading ingredient labels, she decided to create the healthy cookie she was always searching for. Never compromising quality and only using the best ingredients she developed a treat to satisfy everyone, Celiacs, Diabetics, Paleos and Vegans alike!

Who Needs a Gluten Free Diet?

Everyone! – A diet free from Gluten is a great way to stay fit, lose weight, maintain good health and energy levels.

Type II Diabetics – Many Diabetics also suffer from Gluten Allergies. In addition to being Gluten Free, our cookies are sweetened with a Diabetic friendly sugar substitute.

Celiac Disease – A Gluten Free diet is recognized as the only way of treating those suffering from Celiac disease.

Gluten Allergies – Omitting as many sources of gluten from your diet by seeking out products specifically labeled Gluten Free is a great way to manage Gluten Allergies.

Paleo Diet – A Paleo diet is a diet naturally free from Gluten, Grains, Legumes, and Dairy. It focuses on eating clean and avoiding food that is over processed or genetically altered.

Gluten free: www.gfco.org
Vegan: www.vegan.org

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